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Winter wedding
So you've decided to go for a winter wedding? Congratulations.
Because now the fun can really begin. Winter weddings are often some of the more enjoyable and most simple of all themed weddings to do really well.

The fact is that most people already love the festive holiday season ... and now you're getting married too into the bargain!

There are many different ideas already established in our minds as to what is "wintery" or "Christmassy". And this is why your winter wedding will be relatively easily recognizable to all of your guests.
Here are some ideas to help get you thinking about how you might want to achieve your winter wedding theme on your special day.

Winter Wedding Ideas The Holly And The Ivy

Evergreen plants and foliage are very iconic when it comes to winter themed weddings. Along with flowers such as Rhododendrons these evergreen plants can instantly create a wintery feel at your wedding venue. You could choose to use leaves such as holly and ivy within many different areas of your winter themed wedding from table settings and center pieces, to decorative ornaments on the walls or ceilings, and even in your wedding bouquet itself. To add a really authentic twist you could even incorporate red ribbon or evergreen wreaths into the winter wedding theme.

Winter Wedding Ideas Fairy Magic and Angel Dust

It cannot be denied that there is a certain amount of magic present in the winter time, and if you are choosing to hold your special wedding day in this season then it is most likely that you and your partner agree with this statement! So in keeping with the idea of winter being a magical time of year, what better theme to go for than fairies and angels? There are many ways in which you can achieve this theme, but the most effective will be the use of fairy lights and ornaments. You could even use ornamental angels or fairy ornaments or baubles as wedding favors for your guests on your special day. If you really wanted to go to town you could also use glitter or metallic confetti on the tables and surfaces in your winter wedding venue.

Winter Wedding Ideas Jack Frost

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best for your winter themed wedding. By going with the Jack Frost idea you are essentially focusing on one specific color, silver. Silver is a perfect color for any wedding in that it is naturally sparkly and perceived as elegant and beautiful. The Jack Frost theme is basically a simple way of bringing the outside inside. Think along the lines of metallic silver tinsel and glitter or confetti, silver candles and white light fairy bulbs strung along the ceiling. Crystal glasses and intimate silver tea light candles on the tables will create natural shadows and patterns where your wedding guests are seated, and will also serve to create a really romantic and intimate atmosphere. If you have chosen a wedding venue with windows then why not invest in some crystallizing spray product to create fake ice crystals and really put the finishing touches to your special day.

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